Department of Economic Studies and Planning (DESP) is a premier branch in the School of Business Studies established to impart quality education in economics and to promote higher research that seeks to provide policy solutions for economic problems faced by businesses, consumers and economies over space and time. DESP’s vision is to become a leading centre of economics learning in India and the world. It is committed to provide specialist training, skills and expertise to our students to become leaders of change for furthering the objectives of the social, market and governmental institutions they choose to serve. Its syllabus is innovatively embedded in accumulated knowledge base and emerging fields of study. Along with a rigorous teaching programme, it constantly strives to promote cutting-edge research and scholarship supervised by its eminent faculty. While keeping the global and national focus of its research activities, the department would actively address regional needs by encouraging research on regional development and industrialization, rural entrepreneurship, small and medium enterprises, agricultural advancement, etc.

Courses Offered:

  Program   Duration   Intake  
Dual Degree in Economics (BA & MA) 10 semesters 30
MA Economics 4 semesters 30
PhD Economics 6 semesters -

About the Programs :

Dual Degree in Economics (BA & MA)

       The programme is an integrated programme spread over ten semesters (five years) with an exit option after six semesters (three years) with award of undergraduate degree. Students are exposed to the broad areas of Economics like Micro, Macro, Statistics, Mathematical Economics, Econometrics, Game theory, Corporate Finance, etc., through an extensive syllabus along with other courses which include foundation course, language and Social Orientation courses in addition to courses in core and allied areas of Economics. Students get an opportunity to learn the subject through practical exposure during the last two semesters of the programme under learning component wherein they are made to visit fields and connect themselves to the society in understanding how Economics works in the system.

MA in Economics

       The focus of MA Programme in DESP is to introduce students to multiple paradigms in Economics with strong quantitative and qualitative base. It is committed to provide not only theoretical knowledge but also to impart applied skills which are relevant for the global market in the knowledge era. The PG programme is structured to achieve this objective. It includes various components like learning component, wherein students get opportunities to learn by doing thus enabling them to connect to the society at large. Internship with any premier research institutes or non-governmental organizations is an integral part of the programme. Third component includes core courses offered that spread across different semesters includes Micro Economics, Macro Economics, Mathematical Economics, Statistics, Econometrics –I and II, Applied Econometrics, Development Economics, Indian Economy, Research Methodology, Comparative economic systems, Environmental Economics, Public finance, etc. At the end of the programme students should compulsorily submit a dissertation on their chosen topic of research under the guidance of a faculty in the department.

PhD in Economics

       The Department also offers a PhD programme in Economics, in which students are required to undergo course work in first two semesters. The course work includes Research Methodology, Quantitative Techniques and Application of Statistical Package in addition to in-depth study of the area in which the student wants to pursue research. The students are expected to produce a dissertation of international quality based on research in theoretical and/or applied areas of economics.

  • Prof. P. M. Savadatti
  • Prof, HOD & Dean
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  • Dr. Suma Scaria
  • Assistant Professor
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Assist Prof
  • Dr. Trinadh Nookathoti
  • Assistant Professor
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Assit Prof
  • Dr. Basavaraj M
  • Assistant Professor
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Assit Prof
  • Dr S. Linga Murthy
  • Assistant Professor
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Departmental Activities:

  • OrganisedWorkshop on Human Resource Development for PG senior students during 16-18 October, 2014, as part of the Learning and Development Intervention so as to prepare them as a holistic personality to cater to the needs of the society. Resource Persons : Prof. Sunny Tharappan and his team, Mangalore,
  • Conducted Seminar on “ Single Window Service Center and Access to Social Security Benefits among Unorganised workers – Evidence from Karnataka”, 8th August, 2014, Resource person Prof. D. Rajshekar, ISEC, Bangalore
  • Arranged Special Lecture progrmme on “Crowd Sourcing and Open Data for Economists” on 24-02-2015 By K.S. Rajan, Head, Lab of Spatial Informatics International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad, as a part of exposure to multidisciplinary approach to the subject for the Economics students
  • Workshop on Basic Econometrics was organized for students on 6th February, 2015. The resource Person: Dr. Suryanarayana, IGIDR, Mumbai.


  • 1. Suma Scaria; 2014, A Dictated Space? Women and their well being in a Kerala village, Indian Journal of Gender Studies, Vol. 21(3), Sage publication.
  • 2. Suma Scaria; 2014, Do Caste and Class define Inequality? Revisiting Education in a Kerala Village, Contemporary Education Dialogue Vo.11 (2), Sage publication.

Seminars / Conferences / Workshops / Symposia / Talks:

Prof. Pushpa Savadatti
  • 1. Presented a Research Paper on “ Financing of Health Care Services in India” as a resource person for the Technical Session in the National Conference on “ Indian Economy – Opportunities and Challenges” organized by KSJ Arts and Commerce college, Dharwad
  • 2. Presented a research paper on “FDI in Indian Retail Sector – Prospectus and Challenges” Key – note Speaker for the National Seminar during 27-28 March, 2015, organized by Vijayanagar College, Hospet.
Dr. Suma Scaria
  • 1. Invited to deliver a lecture on ‘Land Reforms in Kerala’ in a seminar Land Rights and Social Transformation, organized by Indian Institute of Advanced Studies (IIAS) Shimla between 11-13 June 2014.
Dr. Trinad Noothkoti
  • 1. Presented a Paper in the conference” Socio-Economic Conditions of marginalised groups – A search for Inclusive Policy”. Title of the Paper: “Marginalised Sections in India – Humiliating Indicators – Impact on Food Security”, On Feb 12 to 13th 2015 organised by Andhra Loyola College – Vijayawada AP.
  • 2. Presented a Paper in the conference“Rural Industrialization with special reference to MSME sector”, Title of the Paper, “Disadvantageous Sections in India – Alarming Health and Income Standard”, on Jan 9th 2015 organised by Govt Degree College – Khairatabad – Hyderabad.
Mr. Basavaraj M
  • 1. Participated As a rapporteur in ICSSR Sponsored National Conferenceon “PerformanceChallenges and Prospects of MSMEs in India “held on February 21-22,2014,by Deptof Commerce, SBS –CUK
  • 2. Participated as Rapporteur in one day workshop on “challenges and opportunities of Article 371J (Higher Education) In Hyderabad Karnataka region” organised by HKRDB exclusively for Universities Vice-chancellors, Educationists and report submitted
  • 3. Delivered special lecture on “UGC/NET-JRF Examination in Economics & how to prepare” At Post-graduation centre of Gulbarga
  • 4. Invited as a chief Guest at Government Degree College Jalahalli and spoke on ‘After Degree, What next’?
  • 5. Special lecture Delivered On “How to score Maximum Marks in Economics in PUC II board examination” at Government Pre-university college Nelogi.
  • 6. Paper presented At international conference on” Role of promotional Agencies in small industries development –a study of Hydrabad Karnataka region in Karnataka state” At ISBM Fall- Nov-12 to 14 Fall- Meiji university, Tokyo-Japan
  • 7. Participated the UGC sponsored Orientation course at Academic staff College Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi from 23rd –Feb-2015 to 20th –March-2015.

01.Workshops/Conferences organised by the department

  • Workshop on "Applied Statistics & Inauguration on Economics Club" Date: 15th Oct. 2015
  • National Workshop on Developmental Challenges for Hyderabad-Karnataka Region, organized by Department of Economics, Central University of Karnataka, October 5th 2012.
  • 02.Research Activities by the faculty
          Dr. Pushpa M. Savadatti

    1. DayanandHatti and Savadatti P.M. (2011), “Cotton Production in India and Karnataka: A study”, Journal of Development and Social Change ,Vol. VII (4)-ISSN 2231-0991
    2. Alagawadi M.V. &Savadatti P.M. (2011), “Performance Evaluation of MalaprabhaGrameen Bank in Karnataka during Pre and Post WTO Period- Principal Component Analysis”, Karnataka Journal of Agricultural Sciences(ISSN 0972-1061).

    Conferences/Seminars Attended

    1. Seminar on Quality Production and Exports of Maize organised by University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, during 2011 – participated as a Resource Person
    2. Workshop on Research Methodology Course organised by Academic Staff College, Pondicherry, during Feb, 2012- participated as a Resource Person
    3. 71st Annual Conference of the Indian Society of Agricultural Economics organised at UAS, Dharwad during November, 2011- Participated
    4. 42nd Annual Conference of Indian Econometric Society organised at Pondicherry University , Puducherry, during Jan 2012 – Presented a paper on” Forecasting Indian Tea Prices with Univariate ARIMA model”
    5. Sociology Conference on Health organised by the Sociology Dept , Karnatak University , Dharwad, during March, 2012 – Chaired the Technical Session
    Ph.D. Awarded during 2011-12 : 2
    M.Phil. Awarded during 2011-12 : 1
    Ph.D. Students enrolled during 2011-12 : 4

    Grant Research Activity

    1. Coordinator of the SAP programme - Rs. 38 lakhs, funded by UGC, New Delhi, 2011-2012
    2. Major Research Project on Dynamics of Pulses in Karnataka - Rs. 8 lakhs funded by ICSSR, New Delhi,2012-2014

    Other Academic Activities

    1. Member , Academic Council, A.S. Patil College of Commerce (Autonomous) , Bijapur
    2. External Referee for Ph.D. thesis Evaluation of S.N.D.T. women’s University, Mumbai

    Presented a paper on ‘Education and Inequality: Some Reflections based on the study of a village in Kerala’, Young Scholars Conference, Centre for Human Rights, University of Hyderabad, February 2012.


    Annual conference of the Indian Association of Social Science Institutions (IASSI), 14-15 October 2011, organized by School of Social Sciences, University of Hyderabad. Title of the Paper- Malnutrition and Poverty-Prevalence of Food Security in India

    Training courses attended

    Participated in the ‘Refresher course in Research Methodology’ organized by UGC- Academic Staff College-University of Hyderabad during June 8th-28th 2011,and obtained Grade ‘A’.

    Mr. Basavaraj M. Publications
    1. Sickness in small scale industries in Karnataka state’, Research link 88-A Vol X-5, July 2011, ISSN No.0973-1628.
    2. Small Scale industries in Raichur city-A Diagnostic approach” Research Link 92, Vol-X (9),November 2011.
    Seminars Attended
    1. Attended UGC sponsored two day national seminar on ‘Micro finance and Women Empowerment’ organized by Sri KottaBasaveshwara S. S Nrupatunga First Grade College of Commerce Management, Sedam, 23-24 September 2011
    2. Attended UGC sponsored two day national seminar on ‘Human Rights in 21st Century’ organized by Sri KottaBasaveshwara S. S Nrupatungaorganized by Government First Grade College and PG Centre Sedam on 23-24, September 2011

    03. Invited lectures by the Faculty
           Dr. Pushpa M. Savadatti

    1. Delivered a special lecture in Orientation programme in Social Science organised by the Academic Staff College, Dharwad, sponsored by UGC, New Delhi on 5-8-2011
    2. Delivered a special lecture in Refresher Course in Economics organised by Academic Staff College, Mysore, sponsored by UGC, New Delhi on 10-8-201
    3. Delivered lectures to PU lectures in Economics during Satellite Based Training Programme on 8-9-2011
    1. Launch of New Courses B.A.(Hons)
    2. Joining of New Faculty Mr.Basavaraj. M., Dr.TrinadhNookathoti and Mr.B.Thirupathi joined as Assistant professors in the Department of Economic Studies and Planning.