School of Business Studies

Dean: Prof. K. Padmasree

       In the backdrop of present post globalization world order the growth and development of nations depend upon the inclusive economic prosperity which in turn depends on the education ecosystem that creates change agents and leaders who posses knowledge, skills and the right attitude. India is setting on rich demographic dividends with highest proportion of youth population. This throws open enormous opportunities to educate, train and impart skill sets to students, who are empowered to seize ever opening opportunities of entrepreneurial activity, consultancy, business and economic analyst and to cater to the human resource requirement of the commerce and industry and the overall manpower requirement of the Indian and global economy. In order to nurture and develop the talents in student to face the challenges and to realize the aspiration of higher economic growth and better standard of living, the various programs of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level are offered by the three department of the school namely, Department of Business Studies, Department of Commerce and Department of Economic Studies.