School of Engineering

Dean: Prof. Chandrasekhar B.S

       The School of Engineering at Central University of Karnataka was started in 2013. The motto of the School is to create the new generation Engineers, capable of serving the society by providing high quality engineering solutions to address the problems of 21st century. The academic programs of the School of Engineering are focused on knowledge assimilation, dissemination and generation. The School is creating high quality infrastructure in terms of well qualified faculty, well equipped Laboratories, Computational facilities and high quality Learning Materials in various domains of engineering. In addition to such infrastructure, CUK aims to create an ambience for learning and innovation for the students as well as the faculty. This infrastructure would be utilized to create exceptional human resources for the industries and public organizations, thereby help in building a “Knowledge Society”. The School wants to be ‘distinct, different and better’ on national contact with close interaction with premier institutions and industries.