Objectives of the Department:

  • To impart knowledge of the past by exposing students to the people, cultures, and ideas that have made a major impact on the development of world civilizations
  • To expose students to important schools of historical interpretation and to teach students to read and value history for themselves, thereby encouraging discussion and critical thinking about the past and the contemporary world
  • To foster a spirit of historical empathy and wisdom that promotes tolerance, understanding, and appreciation for the views of others
  • To foster the essential skills of research, analysis, and communication necessary to pursue higher studies in future or enter a variety of professions.
  • to make the P.G course in History more interactive and interdisciplinary by giving more emphasis on archaeology and numismatic into it.
  • Vision of the Department
    At all levels of postgraduate programs and research level, the Department’s mission is twofold: to introduce students to the breadth and depth of the human experience by a comparative study of past and contemporary societies and cultures, and to develop their ability to conduct research, analyze and assess evidence, and articulate sound conclusions both orally and in writing.

    Mission of the Department
    The Department seeks to build its students’ transferable skills, employability and intellectual curiosity, along with raising public awareness about the past and its legacies, through teaching, research and service activities conducted locally, statewide, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

    Courses Offered:

      Program   Duration   Intake  
    M.A History 4 semesters 30
    • Dr. Mohammad Nazrul Bari
    • Assistant Professor
    • E-mail : mail2drbari@gmail.com
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    Departmental Activities:

    The faculty focused its attention on designing course curricula for elective U.G & P.G, foundation course of Indian constitution and Ph.D. in History. In addition, the faculty also contributed immensely to the unique social orientation course programme. Research programmes taken up by the faculty member and are also progressing well.

    The Department of History was established in CUK in year 2009 with the following objectives.
    • 1. To bring the historians together and provide a forum for exchange of views between them,
    • 2. To give a direction to an objective and scientific writing of history and to have rational presentation and interpretation of history,
    • 3. To promote, accelerate and coordinate research in history with special emphasis on areas which have not received adequate attention so far and
    • . To teach History as it was.

    The two research scholars of the History department, Mr. Sumatha and Mr. Majid Maniyar has qualified UGC NET and on the basis of their Ph.D proposals and interview conducted at Delhi, Indian Council of Historical Research has kind enough to give them ICHR JRF of Rs. 15000/-per month for two years including contingency amount of Rs. 15000 per year. Last year Mr. Majid Maniyar appeared for the post of Assistant Professor, Center of Deccan Studies, Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad and got selected.

    Book published: Composite culture and communal harmony: The role of Sufi saints and their tombs in Pune city.

    • 1. Mohd. Nazrul Bari; Tradition of animal and human terracotta figurines during the age of Mahajanapadas: An archaeo-literary evidences’, published in Integrating the culture and socio-economic identity of India, edited by Dr.Guptajit Pathak, 2014,SSDN Publisher, New Delhi
    • 2. Mohd. Nazrul Bari; “Utility of Bone And Ivory objects at the age of Mahajanapadas”, published in Shoryabhumi, a peer reviewed international journal of multi-disciplinary research, V.2, Issue 2, July 2014
    • 3. Mohd. Nazrul Bari; ‘Idea and nature of Kingship in ancient India’, published in Historicity, an International Research Journal, Vol-1,Issue-2,Oct.2014
    • 4. Mohd. Nazrul Bari; ‘Iron and Second urbanization in North India: A myth or Reality” (an archaeo- literary evidences)’ accepted for publication in Purattava, a journal published by Indian archaeological society,
    • 5. Mohd. Nazrul Bari; New Delhi. “Gandhi: A hero of all times” published on 2nd Oct 2014 from Cambridge, USA (two circle,net) http://twocircles.net/2014oct02/ 1412232549.html#. VC5qKFdHrFY and the same was reproduced by Beyond Headlines in Delhi http://beyondheadlines.in/2014/10/mahatma-gandhi-a-hero-for-all-times/, The News India Shafaqna http://en.shafaqna.com/video-photo/photo/item/33250-gandhi-a-hero-for-all-times.html.
    Seminars / Conferences / Workshops / Symposia / Talks:
    Dr. Mohd. Nazrul Bari

    • 1. Role of teachers in promoting peace and sustainable communal harmony’ presented at national seminar organized by Ram Krishna More College in association with Center for Education and Social
    • 2. Development (CESD) on 27th April, 2014
    • 3. Invited as a resource person in the national level seminar to present a research article on ‘Concerns and prospects of social science with special reference of History in India’ on 22nd to 24th Jan 2015 organized by Mahatma Phule College, Pune
    • 4. Invited as a resource person in a national seminar to present a research article “Sufi teaching & its relevance in 21st century” jointly organized by Solapur Itihas Sanshodhan mandal and D.S.Garad College, Mohol on 10th & 11th Feb 2015
    • 5. Participated in three weeks refresher course in History at Department of History, A.M.U. Aligarh from 17th July-7th August 2014