Centre for Endangered Languages

A language is in danger when its speakers no longer pass it onto the next generation. Today, many speech communities of minority languages are shrinking and their languages will ultimately vanish. India is a country of hundreds of minor languages. There is an urgent need to document and preserve and also to revitalise the languages that are minor and endangered.

The Centre for Endangered Languages is set to work for the minor/tribal/endangered languages of Karnataka. In addition, the centre, in collaboration with Central University of Kerala, work for minor/tribal/endangered languages of Indian coast, this is shared with the. The centre is situated in the Southern zone, of which the CUK is the lead centre.

Language plays a large role in identity formation, and the loss of a language has significant impact on its speakers. Endangered language communities are also viable to lose valuable cultural practices, such as oral histories, traditional songs and poetry, and other art forms that are tied to the language.


  • Survey, Documentation, Analysis, Preservation, revitalization of minor/endangered/tribal languages
  • Collection of linguistic data –literature, myths, medicine, science, unique knowledge etc.
  • Preparation and publication of descriptive grammars, bilingual and trilingual dictionaries, phonetic readers, textbooks, reading materials
  • Faculties:

  • Prof. C. Ramaswamy
    Visiting Faculty:
  • Junior Research Fellows:

  • Dr. Shivalingappa Basavannor
  • Mr. Syed Mujeeb Ahmad
  • PA to the Coordinator

  • Mr. Shivananda Kanni