Since hostel cleanliness and food are the most basic needs, the hostel committee will strive hard to supervise the cleanliness and to improve the quality and taste of food served in the mess, cafeteria and bakery. Complaints of students related to the mess facilities will be considered and appropriate steps for solving them will be taken. Quality checks in the mess, bakery and cafeteria will be done on regular basis. Infrastructure of Mess, Cafe, utensils, and Water requirements will be taken care of as well.

       The university has altogether two spacious and well-furnished separate hostels for both boys and girls within the campus. In view of increased intake and paucity of hostel accommodation, the University cannot guarantee hostel accommodation to all the students admitted to various programs / courses. No student admitted to the University can claim the hostel seat as a matter of right. The hostel will be allotted as per the merit – cum – reservation depending upon intake of students in the departments. Additionally, the students originating from far- off places will be given preference during the hostel allotment.

       The students are required to submit ‘proof of nativity’ at the time of hostel admission. They can submit a ‘Native/Residency Certificate’ issued by the Revenue Officer/ Tahsildar or any other relevant certificate issued by competent authority of their respective native as proof of residence.