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I deem it my privilege to be the Vice Chancellor of this six year old institute of higher learning which is trying to establish its credentials and become a place where learning, research and publications are pursued with zeal to achieve the objectives enshrined in Indian constitution.

I am happy that this growing University, the Central University of Karnataka, features noteworthy differences each year as is shown in the annual release of its “Prospectus,” which is meant to inform the society its growth profile and its potential with reference to a time frame.

Universities, which are regarded as the highest bodies of learning, have to ensure that teaching, research and publication are given top priority and these pursuits are carried out with utmost sincerity and commitment if they want their primary objectives to be realised. This is my prime concern and I believe that it is the concern of every stakeholder who is genuinely interested in the growth of higher education.

Diversity in language, culture, beliefs, traditions, knowledge-systems, and way of life, which mark the secular character of this country and make it unique in the whole world, has to be reflected in the University curricula and in all its academic and research activities.

The University is well aware of the challenges of the contemporary world in establishing a high quality educational institution. It is heartening that the system is committed to bring all the required changes to achieve this goal. It is indeed a pleasure to note that the University is advancing significantly in terms of academic activities, infrastructural facilities, and performance of its academia.

I wish Central University of Karnataka the very best for new admissions of 2015 –16.

Prof. H. M. Maheshwaraiah

Integrated Programs :

English (BA & MA), Economics (BA & MA), Geography (B Sc & M Sc), Geology (B Sc & M Sc), Psychology (B Sc & M Sc), Engineering (B Tech & M Tech), Science (B Sc & M Sc).

Standalone program :


Masters Degree Programs :

MA English, MA Hindi, MA Kannada, MA Economics, MSW, MBA, MCA, M Com, M Sc Psychology, M Sc Applied Geography & Geoinformatics, M Sc Applied Geology & Geoinformatics, M Sc Mathematics, M Sc Physics, M Sc Chemistry.

Research (PhD) Programs :

English, Hindi, Kannada, Linguistics, Economics, Social Work, History, Management, Commerce, Psychology, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering (EC).